Emilio Pindado

My Master’s dissertation, completed within the Master in Economics Applied to Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources (2013), focused on the meat industry of Castilla y León. This paper analyzes the factors that affect the profitability in the meat industry of Castilla y León (Spanish region) and identify five groups according to their strategies of product differentiation (high margins) or cost leadership (high rotation). The companies that manufacture products of high and intermediate quality present better results and perspectives. In this sense, the size and location are crucial to explain the profitability of the meat firms of Castilla y León. The thesis was supervised by Silverio Alarcón. An article based on this thesis has been published in the Spanish Journal of Agrosocial and Fishery Studies (Revista Española de Estudios Agrosociales y Pesqueros).

I am a PhD candidate affiliated with the Public University of Navarre (Spain). As part of my PhD, I am involved in the AGROINNOVA project (Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness) as a researcher studying the different forms of entrepreneurship and innovation in the agri-food chain. My interests lie in the analysis of agricultural entrepreneurs and their relations with other actors in agri-food chain.

Junio 2015